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One thing I have learned over the years is that training your virtual assistants can be quite a chore! This is especially true when you are having to train them one-by-one on some of the most basic tasks related to internet marketing…

I mean, who wants to waste valuable time teaching people how to do the tasks that you and I could probably do in our sleep?

The fact is, many new VA’s simply haven’t done some of these tasks and need to be brought up to speed. Luckily, you can now train them on all the main internet marketing tasks, without having to do it yourself, or having to hire someone else to do it for you!

In the next little bit, you will have a complete library of training videos to hand feed to your virtual assistants, to get them up to speed very quickly.



The “Training For Your Virtual Assistant Complete Video Series”

Simply hand these easy to follow internet marketing training videos to your Virtual Assistants to train them very quickly!

Your VA's will learn How to Use the Most Relevant Software and
Tools in Internet Marketing Including…

MailChimp Autoresponder Training Videos

  • How to Create a List with Mailchimp

  • How to Schedule Follow-up Emails with Mailchimp

  • How to Create Broadcast Emails in Mailchimp

  • How to Setup Automation Rules with Mailchimp

  • How to Create Sign-Up Forms with Mailchimp

  • How to Remove Unresponsive Subscribers in Mailchimp

Sendlane Autoresponder Training Videos

  • How to Create a List with Sendlane

  • How to Schedule Follow-Up Emails with Sendlane

  • How to Create a Broadcast with Sendlane

  • How to Setup Automation Rules with Sendlane

  • How to Create Sign-up Forms with Sendlane

  • How to Remove Unresponsive Subscribers with Sendlane

File Storage Training Videos

  • How to Use MediaFire for File Storage

  • How to Use DropBox for File Storage

  • How to Use Amazon S3 for File Storage

OptimizePress 2.0 Training

  • How to Configure OptimizePress 2.0 Settings

  • How to Create Pages in OptimizePress 2.0

  • Configuring Layouts & Page Settings in OptimizePress 2.0

  • Working with Rows & Elements in OptimizePress 2.0

  • Enabling/Disabling Headers & Footers in OptimizePress 2.0

  • How to Use Custom HTML in OptimizePress 2.0

  • How to Add Opt-in Forms in OptimizePress 2.0

  • Exporting & Importing Templates in OptimizePress 2.0

  • How to Create Membership Areas in OptimizePress 2.0

  • How to Use the Full Launch Suite in OptimizePress 2.0

  • How to Duplicate Pages in OptimizePress 2.0

Zaxaa Training Videos

  • How to Add New Products in Zaxaa

  • Creating Buy Buttons in Zaxaa

  • How to Set up Sales Funnels in Zaxaa

  • How to Recruit and Manage Affiliates in Zaxaa


To hire someone to create these 30 videos for you would cost you a minimum of $15 each! So, it’s fair to say that these have a minimum $450 value!

Plus, You'll Receive the Following Bonuses:


As well as...

You can use these high quality squeeze page, sales page, and OTO page templates for anything you like!

There’s no need to have your virtual assistants waste precious time creating  pages like these from scratch, when you have 20 amazing looking ones that convert, already made for you! 

In fact, I will include FULL PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS (PLR) to these templates, so YOU can use them as a bonus yourself, or put your own name on them, and sell them & keep ALL the profits! 

Think about it... Just one sale, and you'd get all your money back in a flash...


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Outsourcing Simplified - 30 VA Training Videos

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