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 The FE Product:


Outsourcing Simplified - Full Course on Outsourcing (Beginner to Advanced)
80 Page Ebook, 16 Video Lessons, 4 MP3 Version, and Pre-Written Hiring Templates.
$27.00 to $47.00 (subject to split-testing conversions)

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30 "Train Your VA" Video Lessons (Simply hand these off to your virtual assistants!)
$37 with a downsell option for $24

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40 Advanced "Train Your VA" Video Lessons (Simply hand these off to your virtual assistants!)
$47 with a downsell option for $27

Upsell #3:

1 Year Access to VirtualAssistants.ph @ 81% discount ($64/year recurring)
Plus, virtual assistant accountability tracker software.
(Keeps your VAs productive, and holds them accountable)

Downsell: $15/mo. access



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    No Matter if Your List is Targeted to SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Software, or Social Media Offers, With Proper Outsourcing in Place, Anyone Can Increase ROI!

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    I have been Outsourcing for Over 10+ Years Now, and I Share Everything I’ve Learned Along the Way, Leaving no Stone Un-turned! Your Subscribers will LOVE this Training!

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- Are you a slave to your IM business?
- Do you actually think you’re SAVING money doing everything yourself?
- [WAKE UP CALL] Are You a ‘One Man’ Marketer?

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There is a HUGE misconception in internet marketing...
This is especially true for newbies.

“Oh I don’t have much money, so I’ll just do
everything by myself!”


You’ve probably heard numerous times that
“Time = Money”, and it’s 100% true!  If you’re trying
to perform all the necessary tasks it takes to
be successful at internet marketing on your own,
you’re severely limiting your success.

If you can’t work fast, you’re losing the game.
Speed of implementation is everything.

Don’t let another year pass you by...

There is GOOD NEWS though.  For as little as a couple bucks
per hour, you can have a well trained virtual assistant
on your team, to actually ENSURE you get way more done
than ever before.

My good friend Ben Clemons knows a thing or two about
hiring quality people that get stuff done!

He’s hired dozens of virtual assistants in the Philippines
and visits there often.

Lucky for us, he just re-launched his complete course on
Outsourcing that leaves no stone un-turned!

I mean seriously, you gotta see this!

This is your chance to get a jump-start
on 2017 with a BANG!

P.S. The price will likely TRIPLE or even quadruple,
soon, but since Ben is so generous, he’s giving us a
chance to grab it for literally PENNIES on the dollar.

*The price will surprise you! (no-brainer for sure)

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- Why Most Outsourcing Courses are Pure CRAP!
- ‘THIS’ is How he Quit Working the 60 Hour Work Week!
- [FINALLY] Learn the RIGHT way to Outsource and Get More Done!
- Can You 'REALLY' Autopilot Your IM Business?

Email #2 Body:

Let’s face it, working for someone else SUCKS.

You probably entered this whole IM business thinking that
you’d fire your boss, and work for yourself.

But is ‘working for yourself’ a such GOOD thing?

I mean, how many hours does it actually take to run a
proper IM business?

20 hours a week?
40 hours a week?

Well, the crazy truth is that the average internet marketer
actually ends up working WAY more hours than the typical 9-5er.

Not exactly the laptop lifestyle you’re after, is it?

Here’s the solution...

Lucky for us, Ben Clemons has just released his new course on
how to Outsource your online business the right way!

His course is one of a kind, in that he speaks from real experience
and walks you right through the entire process!

Inside, you’ll learn...

-How people that can’t even write a single line of code are making millions selling software.
-How to have top selling information products created for you without lifting a finger.
-How Affiliate Marketers are multiplying their efforts (and profits) by using simple leverage.
-Why thinking of new ideas is where the real money is made, and how to spend more of your time doing that.

This is one of the most comprehensive courses on Outsourcing I’ve seen

This is your chance to start 2017 with a BANG!
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