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"Just Released! Now You Can Train Your
Virtual Assistants on The Most Advanced Marketing
Tools & Software With These '42' SUPER EASY
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"Hands Down - The Fastest & Easiest Way to train Your VA!"


One thing I have learned over the years is that training your virtual assistants can be quite a chore! This is especially true when you are having to train them one-by-one on some of the most basic tasks related to internet marketing…

I mean, who wants to waste valuable time teaching people how to do the tasks that you and I could probably do in our sleep?

The fact is, many new VA’s simply haven’t done some of these tasks and need to be brought up to speed. Luckily, you can now train them on all the main internet marketing tasks, without having to do it yourself, or having to hire someone else to do it for you!

Now is the time to hand feed to your virtual assistants, to get them up to speed very quickly, on the MOST ADVANCED and MOST UTILIZED marketing tools currently being used!

If you aren't using these tools already, you are being LEFT BEHIND!



The “ADVANCED Training For Your Virtual Assistant Complete Video Series”

These EXTRA 42 Advanced Marketing Training Videos are Ready to hand off to your Virtual Assistants to train them very quickly!

Your VA's will learn How to Use the Most Advanced and Relevant Software and Tools Being Used in Internet Marketing Today…

Click Funnels Training Videos

  • How to Setup Your ClickFunnels Account

  • Understanding How ClickFunnels Works

  • Learn the Different Types of Funnels in ClickFunnels

  • How to Add a New Funnel in ClickFunnels

  • Understanding The ClickFunnels Dashboard

  • Working With Page Templates in ClickFunnels

  • Building Pages & Working with Elements in ClickFunnels

Canva Training Videos

  • How to Create Your Canva Account

  • Understanding How Canva Works

  • How to Save Images in Canva

Explaindio 3.0 Training Videos

  • How to Add Slides in Explaindio

  • How to Edit Slide Animations in Explaindio

  • How to Render Videos in Explaindio

  • How to Add Audio in Explaindio

GoToWebinar Training Videos

  • How to Add Panelist in GoToWebinar

  • How to Create Webinar Events in GoToWebinar

  • How to Save Recordings to MP4 in GoToWebinar

LeadPages Training Videos

  • How to Add Content in Leadpages Standard Builder

  • How to Use Lead Magnet Delivery

  • How to Create Pages in Lead Pages

  • Editing Templates with Drag and Drop Builder

  • How to Install LeadPages Wordpress Plugin

  • How to Connect your Email Service Provider in Lead Pages

  • How to do AB Split testing in Lead Pages

  • How to Connect Your Lead Pages to a Facebook Page

  • How to Add a Lead Page into a Blog Post

  • How to Create Timed PopUp Lead boxes in Your Blog Posts

PowerPoint Training Videos

  • How to Create a PowerPoint Sales Video

  • Recording your Voice with camtasia Studio

  • How to Compile and Render Your Video with Sony Vegas Pro

Video Maker FX Training Videos

  • How to Add Slides with VideoMakerFX

  • How to Edit Animations in VideoMakerFX

  • How to Edit Audio in VideoMakerFX

  • How to Render Videos in VideoMakerFX

WordPress Training Videos

  • How to Disable WordPress Autosave

  • How to Protect Your Download Pages

  • How to Secure Your Wordpress Site


To hire someone to create these 42 Advanced Marketing Videos for you would cost you a minimum of $15 to $25 each! So, it’s fair to say that these have a minimum $630 value

Besides, Think of all the TIME you'll save on training your virtual assistants! (No recording, editing, and rendering videos or anything!)

Plus, You'll Receive the Following Bonuses:

To hire a graphic designer to create these
high quality marketing graphics
would easily cost you $2000+!



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Outsourcing Simplified - 40 Advanced VA Training Videos Downsell

No Thanks I really enjoy spending countless hours trying to train my outsource workers on every single little detail, and I also like to create my own graphics from scratch...  I will just do everything by myself, and use the money to buy a Family Meal at KFC...